The AEC has provided the Union with a report regarding the outcome of the recent AWU elections. */ A copy of the relevant AEC report is available upon request to the National Office or relevant Branch.
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Sometimes known as the “science of the small”, nanotechnology builds materials from something microscopic rather than something big. This is engineering using the tiniest of scales. The technology breaks down substances into particles and either uses or manipulates their natural properties to exploit such qualities as better strength, lighter weight, increased light control, and greater chemical response. Industries as diverse as aviation, automotive, computing,...
In 2010, Tom, who is married with two children, was trying to fix a jammed robotic palletiser, when he felt a click in his back and a sharp pain. “I had done this hundreds of times before over my 20 odd years working with the company but this time, when I went to pull out the pallet and straighten up, something gave.” Some four years later, and after winning a workers’ compensation claim against the company’s insurers with the help of the AWU’s lawyers, Tom’s advice to...
Melbourne-based PVC manufacturers Australian Vinyls (AV) take their health and safety obligations seriously. The company, part of the Wesfarmers Group, publicly reports on their safety, health and environmental performance on a yearly basis. This level of transparency is only one small component of the company’s “top-down approach” to OH&S. In 2007, AV installed a new operating system in the Laverton plant’s control room. The transition proved to be lengthy and...
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